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  • Coworking@Berlin: Now starts the next round!

  • Coworking@Berlin: Now starts the next round!

April 2018

After our first successful year at Ahoy! Berlin we got off to a flying start in 2018 with our coworking mission — in the thick of it, in every respect. Our new home at MindSpace is right on the lively Friedrichstraße.

MindSpace isn’t just opening its doors for us in Berlin, but also at all its sites, such as Munich, Hamburg, Warsaw, Tel Aviv and London.

With multimedia conference rooms and stylish appointments, all sites create a wonderful atmosphere for customer meetings and workshops.

But fixed workplaces and creative break areas are available to us round the clock to advance our Mission.

We develop innovative new approaches and products for the future of our business segment and of MC.

We see ourselves as a service provider for the headquarters and make a valuable contribution to the business.

We are innovation and talent scouts with a strong network of customers and business Partners.

“Berlin is a radiant, international place that attracts founders, innovative business ideas and talented minds. And we at Mercedes-Benz Consulting find this same attractive mixture at MindSpace, too” says Andreas Schwarz, Head of Digital Performance at Mercedes-Benz Consulting. Together with Markus Lenker, Head of Digital Business & eCommerce, he has brought the coworking mission to life for MC. See you in Berlin!