Mobility & Connectivity

Digitization and worldwide trends like urbanization, growing environmental consciousness and changing customer expectations are strongly affecting the automotive business.


Vehicle-related services that use the vehicle’s connectivity – and now mobility options that bring service to the fore – are gaining importance and resulting in new “ecosystems”.

Together with our customers, we work on successful implementation of the transformation process. We support preparation and readiness for the Mercedes-Benz organization – e-mobility is just one current example.


In a dynamic, volatile environment, we offer custom consulting services and sound expertise to assist our customers with the challenges of mobility and connectivity, and to guide the change process successfully.

Our services at a glance

Strategic concept

An important success factor for developing sustainable mobility and connectivity concepts is early identification of trends and changes, and implementation of practicable concepts. Among other topics, we advise our customers on:


  • Identifying and sharpening the target vision
  • Research and analysis
  • Evaluating and processing the results into concepts,
           such as a service design concept
  • Prototyping and validation with our retail community
           and customers
  • Defining the operating and business model, and implementation



Implementation of mobility and connectivity issues faces traditional rollout challenges and involves high dynamics and intense change. Our consulting services consider this at all sales levels. Major focus issues include:


  • Changing mindsets
  • Process consultation
  • Technical consultation on connectivity, e-mobility and mobility services
  • Ensuring the readiness of all relevant participants