HR Performance Management

An organization’s success is the result of excellent, highly motivated specialists and leaders. We will support your personnel selection and assist your workers. This is a distinct, targeted process up to the moment when your new team members can fully unfold their potential.

Mercedes-Benz Consulting’s coaching goes beyond transferring knowledge. We concentrate our expertise on applying knowledge in real life.

Our custom solutions help you choose the ideal people and qualification process. We are always at your side as a reliable partner. Our approach & your added value
  • Custom solutions—compatible with your objectives and corporate culture
  • Identifying individual skills and potentials is the starting point for targeted, highly efficient development
  • Focus on implementing and applying lessons learned to the target role

Our services at a glance

Aptitude and Performance Testing

Best-fit personnel decisions are the basis of your organizations’ success. This makes a sound foundation more important than having a ‘gut feeling.’

Taking into account the general conditions, we design tools for personnel selection, potential analysis, and HR development.

We start with a detailed requirements analysis to derive a role-specific requirements profile. We develop diagnostic procedures that are precisely tailored to your organization and needs. These enable you to reproducibly identify the competencies, skills, and developmental potentials of your employees.


Job-specific requirements profiles

  • Efficient diagnostic methods
  • Maximum field relevance
  • Scientifically sound diagnostic procedures
  • Maximum assurance of selection- and potential-relevant statements
  • Identification of individual competencies and potentials
  • Targeted development

Business Coaching

We empower our clients with self-help. Our ‘Systemic Business Coaching’ is a voluntary, supportive individual consulting and supervision process between client and professional coach. Work-related issues and personal developmental potential form the content of this limited-term consulting process.


Possible topics are developing a personal leadership style or preparing for a new role. Coaching can also play a decisive role in solving conflicts or assisting in decision-making.


We offer our clients coaching with a clearly structured sequence on a systemic basis, taking into account the client’s environment for developing a solution and enabling a client-specific result. Our coaching aims at fostering self-knowledge and supporting personality development processes.

Qualification Consulting

Qualifying your employees is a key function of your organization’s success. A detailed kick-off meeting will start your qualification project. Together with you we will establish specific objectives, analyze your initial situation, and finally develop the ideal solution for your organization.


We will keep an eye on your actual objective all through the implementation process.In regular status meetings, we update you on the project’s progress and assist you throughout the qualification project. With us you don’t buy ‘off the rack’—we provide you with the ideal qualification solution that fits your organization and employees.

Customized Solutions

Contact us, and together we will design the right product for you.