Change Management

At business, nothing is as permanent as change. It affects processes, structures, values, organizational forms—absolutely everything. Changes meet with a variety of responses: excitement and anticipation, but also feelings of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. The key word is change management.

As your reliable partner, we will support your change processes and help keep your organization on track.

Whether it is guiding your communication with stakeholders, hosting workshops or giving advice on planning and implementing your change projects— we’ll get you over all the obstacles and hurdles.

Our services at a glance

Holistic consulting

Mercedes-Benz Consulting assists you seamlessly—from the initial design to its full implementation in your organization. With our many years of experience and tried-and-true methods we provide comprehensive support for your change projects.

Considering all the angles

Successful change management looks at all the variables critical to success and specific to the organization—from employees to stakeholders. Together with you, our experts will develop a customized solution to assure the change processes in your organization.

Flexible implementation

Reacting to change quickly and flexibly drives long-term competitive advantage. A change project may require further adaptation at any time and call for a change of plans. We have the flexibility to allow for new requirements in ongoing project implementations.

Sensitive to your employees

We know that change can cause uncertainty and fear of the unknown. This is why we are particularly sensitive to how your employees will react, and implement the prepared solutions with you. This actively promotes the internal acceptance of your change project and assures long-term success.