Today, after-sales business is a major driver of success in the automotive field. To keep this going in the future, existing concepts and processes for retail sales need to be put into shape.

To keep up with the many changes in the industry, we take on the automotive industry’s current and future challenges and offer a custom range of services. With our sound international retail experience, we ensure the concepts’ practicality.

Our services at a glance

After-sales retail consulting – Sub-processes module

We efficiently support you in optimizing sub-processes and logistics in the organization, all the way to retail. It starts with a thorough analysis of specific situations on site. Based on this, individual professional consulting follows. Our consultants are intensively trained in issues of change management and communication, so they bring both technical and the necessary social competence to this sensitive issue.

After-sales retail consulting – Workshop processes module

Excellent service and trouble-free processes – from initial customer contact, to workshop organization, all the way to vehicle delivery. These are the keys to customer satisfaction and business success. Our consulting is based on the standard processes of Mercedes-Benz and starts with a thorough analysis to consider the individual situation on site. Here the focus is on customer satisfaction, productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.