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  • #CiaoStau - Company mobility management moves us, and moves Stuttgart

  • #CiaoStau - Company mobility management moves us, and moves Stuttgart

Dezember 2018

We’ve all seen it: The workday hasn’t even started yet, and we’re already stressed out. A traffic jam. The quest for a parking space. Crowded trains. No bike paths. A tangle of fees.

New mobility concepts promise relief. But often they’re not very well integrated into the ordinary workday. But company mobility management is an important key for sustainably taking stress off our streets, our environment and our health.

There are many reasons for MC to tackle the topic. We’re promoting company mobility internally with an attractive bundle of measures: These include flexible work time models, business travel and vehicle fleet management. More ideas for intelligent, sustainable mobility are also being looked at.

For this, it’s important for us to exchange ideas with other companies in the region. For example, at the first “Regional Experience Exchange in Company Mobility Management”, that the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH) initiated in early December.

In this group, on December 4, we had discussions with mobility managers from other companies about opportunities and challenges of car-sharing agencies, company car sharing and parking space management, and we considered together how people can best be motivated to make the Switch.

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