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  • The IT-heart of Daimler AG

    Samatie on the “Mainframe Communication Strategy” project

  • The IT-heart of Daimler AG

    Samatie on the “Mainframe Communication Strategy” project

Do you know Mainframe?

A mainframe is a complex computer system used to reliably process masses of data. According to Fortune magazine, 71% of the world’s 500 largest companies use a mainframe.

A mainframe also forms the heart of Daimler AG’s information technology. More than 100,000 employees use it daily. Without it, no customer could be mobile, no adequate service could be provided, and no vehicle could be delivered.

To significantly increase awareness of the mainframe within the company, Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH has been contracted to develop and implement an effective communication strategy for the mainframe. The goal was to make the mainframe’s performances and capabilities better known within the company.

A communication strategy for the mainframe

The focus of our contract was to develop a creative, effective communication strategy for the mainframe and achieve tangible results.

To obtain an initial overview and gain valuable insights, we started the project by taking a comprehensive inventory and holding personal interviews with stakeholders. In the second step, we used these to join the customer in developing a “mainframe DNA”, including a communication statement.

In interdisciplinary workshops, we developed both a mainframe communication concept and a new corporate design, including a logo, a new color scheme and an image film.

Finally, we gathered all components of our strategy into a communications handbook, which will be used in the future to drive the image and spread the identity.

Thus the mainframe’s web page now radiates with a modern, memorable design, which will contribute significantly to raising awareness of the mainframe within the company and communicate a unified brand message.

Der Mainframe-Auftritt erstrahlt nun in einem modernen und einprägsamen Design, welches dazu beitragen wird, die Wahrnehmung des Mainframes im Konzern signifikant zu erhöhen und eine einheitliche Markenbotschaft zu kommunizieren.

Three questions for …

… Project Manager Samatie,
Mercedes-Benz Consulting

What about the project was challenging for you??
The challenge was to depict a technical product in a way that was attractive and intelligible to everybody. We tried to show that the mainframe is more than just green letters on a black screen, and that something attractive and extremely important was behind it. And we wanted to do away with prejudices regarding mainframes.

What is the takeaway for you personally?
With the necessary communication tools and methods, even products that appear mundane at first sight can rise like a phoenix from the ashes and take on a new luster. An especially positive experience was the collaboration with colleagues from the parent company, who came from a technical specialty I hadn’t known well before. This meant that the project saw more and more exciting exchange of ideas, and everyone involved was open to new things.

What’s coming in the future?
In the future, the mainframe will surely be at the top of people’s minds, and Daimler AG employees will recognize its achievements and its true value to the company.

»An all-round successful implementation«

In the words of our customer, Isabell Baumann, Mainframe ASP Management, Daimler AG:

»The implementation of our concepts and ideas has more than succeeded! The mainframe logo, the poster, stickers and T-shirts were fantastically accepted by our customers! We’re very satisfied.«

»Inspiration, competence and high commitment«

In the words of our customer, Uwe Antoni, Mainframe ASP Management, Daimler AG:

»The collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Consulting was excellent. There were constructive conversations that brought up many open topics. A very open, inspiring, competent team with a high level of motivation.«