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  • »Software that supports retail throughout Europe.«

    Mariya on the project MBC POS

  • »Software that supports retail throughout Europe.«

    Mariya on the project MBC POS

Efficient support

Fully focused on selling: An Internet-based application platform specially developed for Daimler AG makes it possible to transparently integrate the more than 20 previous back-end systems for the salesperson. This allows full focus on customer care and the sales process. From the first customer contact to making appointments, configuration and vehicle search and to offering, ordering and delivering the car, the software assists the salesperson with the entire process and has programming features to make the work easier. As a web application, the system allows flexible work and protects confidential data.

One system for all sales processes

The team from Mercedes-Benz Consulting makes sure that the dealers know how they can use the software and work in three phases: In the markets, workshops are given on recording information. The analysis shows which markets are ready for the next phase. They then go into the piloting phase, in which one or more dealers are equipped with the system, so that they can test the local systems and processes in the live environment. In the rollout phase, the system is finally launched throughout the market.

In Italy, piloting is going on, while France is still in configuration and process workshops. In Switzerland, on the other hand, a post-implementation project has started, which involves optimal use of the software and process optimization. Demand management accompanies the project and makes sure that feedback and change requests for the system are collected and integrated.

Three questions for…

… Project Manager Mariya, Mercedes-Benz Consulting

What was challenging about MBC POS?
Driving standardization in at the dealer operations throughout Europe and at the same time seeing to local adaptations, such as for taxation. That made the project very demanding.

What is the takeaway for you personally?
The collaboration with the customers at the regional and market level is very enriching. In a complex project like this one, a professional, collaborative environment is crucial to success.

What’s coming in the future?
By the end of 2019, the software should be implemented throughout Europe. The goal is to achieve high user acceptance and to take the business a step further toward digitization.

»MC supplies high-quality support.«

In the words of our customer David Brooks, Daimler AG:

»Year after year MC continues to supply expertise and high quality support. Recently they helped transform our demand and prioritisation process. We are now in a great position to deliver the right solutions at the right time.«

In the words of our customer Katja Mund, Daimler AG:

»In addition to installation and strict control to Houston, the project management also included process analyses and rollout management. This made it an all-around trouble-free package.«