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  • »The product test became the event.«

    Jessica on the project Experience the Difference — With Safety!

  • »The product test became the event.«

    Jessica on the project Experience the Difference — With Safety!

Experience the difference

The original versus the competition: At the car event series »Experience the Difference — With Safety!« everything literally revolved around the original: Various Mercedes-Benz original parts underwent active product tests and were compared to those of the competition. This included brakes, wipers, the air filter and the windshield. Participants from retail also had a chance to experience the product and safety advantages of Mercedes-Benz MO and MOE tires in practical driving tests. The goal of this personal, hands-on interaction with the performance features was to convey the experience when talking to customers.

Won over by the entire line

The event logo, branding, set design, content, execution and the farewell movie — the entire organization, management, design and execution of the event series was handled by MC. Hands-on experiments (comparing original with competitors’ parts), active driving workshops in a driving safety center, a stylish social program, including an exclusive dinner — in the nine days of the event, 333 participants experienced a program that won them over to the entire line. For our customers, »Experience the Difference — With Safety!« was a successful series of events.

Three questions for…

… Project Manager Jessica, Mercedes-Benz Consulting

What was challenging about the event series »Experience the Difference — With Safety!«?
To create an exciting mixture of theory and practice that would inspire customers and participants. Another challenge, and an equally great experience, of course, was coordinating a total of 30 crew members.

What is the takeaway for you personally?
We received this major event as a direct contract and everyone’s cooperation made it a complete success. The participants gave us an A.

What’s coming in the future?
Experience-oriented event formats will continue to support retail. They will make the case even more professionally in the customers’ languages for Mercedes-Benz original parts, offer their customers outstanding advice and inspire them. Experiencing and testing gives participants the chance to see the advantages for themselves, and to best use them for their customers’ and their needs.

»With a lot of heart and soul.«

Here is what our customer Daimler AG says:

»For us, Mercedes-Benz Consulting has been absolutely the right partner: highly professional, all in, absolutely customer-oriented — and creative, because they have to find special solutions for our tests. They put a lot of heart and soul into the whole thing — it was absolutely contagious. We had a lot of fun together in the implementation and on site. And the grade of A quickly proved what a success it was.«