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  • »We’re creating jobs thanks to digitization.«

    Matthias on the project CSTaR

  • »We’re creating jobs thanks to digitization.«

    Matthias on the project CSTaR

A new job profile
takes a load off

Set for the future: In retail, the digital transformation is bringing a ton of changes and a lot of challenges for personnel. Service advisors and service assistants in dealerships regularly hit their limits — both professionally and in their workloads. Here Mercedes-Benz Consulting has designed and implemented a new job profile: Introduction of a »Customer Service Advisor« takes a load off the existing jobs of »Service Advisor« and »Service Assistant«, and improves the customer experience.

The best setup for the future

From setting up a global dealer and market implementation plan, to specifying the global approach for the Italian and German markets, to rollout and implementation at the retail level, the MC team has introduced the new job profile at more than 250 sites in Germany and more than 90 in Italy.

Three questions for…

… Project Manager Matthias, Mercedes-Benz Consulting

What was challenging about CSTaR?
Adapting the global concept for several markets and considering the cultural differences and very specific consultation at the dealerships due to different levels of development and knowledge of sales.

What is the takeaway for you personally?
A lot of interesting and inspiring conversations with dealers and the confidence that I did something good for the dealer employees and their customers.

What’s coming in the future?
The future will require high-level readiness throughout sales to accept and proactively implement change. This is the only way to successfully clear the path to digitization.

»Passionate implementation.«

So says our customer Franziska Krallert, Daimler AG:

»My thanks for the passionate professional concept implementation at the companies and for the great teamwork on the project go mainly to the CSTaR consulting team at Mercedes-Benz Consulting.«

So says our customer Patrick Leseberg, Leseberg Automobile GmbH:

»I’d also like to highlight that the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Consulting was extremely collegial and productive. The consultant was also ready to think outside the box with us and work out custom solutions. For us and our company, that was extremely productive. Long story short, we are very happy we did this project with Mercedes-Benz Consulting.«