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  • Working out Loud Meetup @Berlin

  • Working out Loud Meetup @Berlin

May 2019

On May 20, our Mindspace hosted the “Working out Loud Meetup Berlin” for the first time. This Meetup is a regular meeting of currently about 200 group members from Berlin who are interested in this method. The members meet every four weeks at selected locations and companies in order to exchange ideas and further circulate the working method developed by John Stepper in Berlin.

What is Working out Loud (WOL) all about?

The primary objective of WOL is to purposefully share knowledge and motivate each other in small circles of 4-5 people, who meet regularly over the course of 12 weeks. This circle supports the participants in their pursuit of a personal goal or to change certain habits, for example, “to be more visible in social media.”

The basis is always provided by the following five principles:

  1. Building a network
  2. Contribute generously
  3. Make yourself and your own work visible
  4. Work with a clear goal in mind
  5. Improving your own work

“WOL can bring people and knowledge together on an empathetic level. It empowers each individual and consolidates knowledge through pooling. With WOL in Berlin, I am deliberately looking to reach beyond the boundaries of Daimler and bring people of any background or affiliation together,” says Michael, employee at Mercedes-Benz Germany and an official WOL mentor.

Together with Timo, Mercedes-Benz Consulting, he brought the Meetup to our location at Berlin. “We appreciate Michael’s work and dedication and support his mission and passion of #collaboration #networking and #newwork in the digital age. We look forward to more events with Michael and the #WOLBerlin Community,” said Timo.

The “Working out Loud” method can be applied both within a company or across companies. We also use WOL externally. Furthermore, Daimler AG is part of a group of WOL practitioners, which includes Robert Bosch GmbH, Audi, BMW, Continental, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Kluge Consulting, Siemens Healthineers, ZF Friedrichshafen, and Deutsche Post/DHL, among others. This “Working Out Loud Community of Practice,” or WOLCOP for short, was even awarded the HR Excellence Award in 2017.