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  • Working @ MC: Gabriel, Consultant, Customer Services

  • Working @ MC: Gabriel, Consultant, Customer Services

March 2022

Today we would like to introduce you to Gabriel. Gabriel is an international consultant in our Customer Services team.

“The focus in my projects is on processes and efficiencies.How can process optimization in business achieve improved process quality and gains in efficiency? Part of my job is to develop concepts and strategies and to transfer these into worldwide practice in business through pilot programs.

It is always exciting to get to know and experience the various (organizational) cultures in different countries. The constantly changing framework conditions, insights and impulses definitely ensure it’s not boring (emoji).

It’s a real personal enrichment for me to communicate with customers in their national language — whether it be Portuguese, Spanish, English or German — and to implement the topics together.

Our goal is to work with the employees to find the most suitable approach and incorporate it from the beginning. When this approach ends up creating not only an advantage for the company and the customer, but also of great benefit and added value for the employees, it’s a great feeling, and for us it confirms that we’ve chosen the right path”.

What do I like best about my job?

“We’re very internationally oriented and characterized by our diversity of nationalities and projects. At Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH, everyone has the opportunity to write their own success story.”

Thanks for your insights, Gabriel!

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