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  • The Wallet Pass at CMT - flexible, sustainable, straightforward!

  • The Wallet Pass at CMT - flexible, sustainable, straightforward!

January 2020

When exhibitors present their products associated with the latest travel trends across 75,000 square metres of space, the Mercedes-Benz camper vans have to be there too. Obviously we are talking about the CMT (Caravanning, Motor and Tourism), the world’s largest consumer show for tourism and leisure.

We were at this year’s show with “Wallet” to take the next step towards a modern, sustainable, paperless trade show. Mobile Wallet passes gave visitors the opportunity to take home information about the vehicles on show easily and paperlessly on their smartphones. All they had to do was scan the QR codes integrated into the stand and save the pass.

The passes bring together general information about the vehicles including prices and link-outs to the configurator tool, for example. In contrast to conventional information brochures, Wallet passes are more eco friendly and also allow us to make updates across all passes (e.g. price changes) live from the backend. Short push notifications which are relevant for the time or place can also be sent to smartphones. 

Many very interested customers and visitors at CMT used the innovative informational tool and saved a pass about one of the vehicles on show.

Events will have more and more digital elements in future. Find out more about the options offered by our Wallet solution in our whitepaper.