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  • NFC Wallet – next-level information

  • NFC Wallet – next-level information

February 2021

These days, it’s hard to imagine a world without wallet passes. They’re involved in all digital booking and information processes, from event tickets to product support. We at Mercedes-Benz Consulting are proud to have established Wallet as an innovative, ecological digital paper substitute in the Daimler world.

Wallet technology’s simplicity wins people over

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth all kinds of new everyday challenges that reveal wallet technology’s many advantages. For example, it gave rise to automatic creation of info passes at dealerships, personalized addressing of event participants, and simple creation of customer cards. All this happens contact-free and digitally through the smartphone and — depending on the application — a scanner.

The advantage for the user is that no additional app is needed, because wallet passes can be handled through the native wallet app of all popular smartphones. For the provider, the advantage is that wallet passes can be created quickly and easily, and offer a simple, direct communication and information channel to the user. Moreover, personalized push notifications can be sent — even based on location through GPS or Bluetooth Beacon technology.

QR codes are so yesterday!

Scanning QR codes through digital menus or restaurant check-ins is a process users have learned — the starting point for getting a wallet pass. But it gets easier. The ever more popular contactless payment using virtual credit cards in smartphones shows, for example, how NFC (near-field communication) wallet passes have made handling contactless transfer and validation of wallet cards even easier to do.

This means that wallet passes no longer have to be downloaded on sight as QR codes, but through a simple tap on the smartphone. The same goes for validation. There is no more searching for the wallet pass to scan it, because it is simply and automatically opened and validated by holding out the smartphone.

NFC Wallet at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

Through our partner Passcreator, in the future we at Mercedes-Benz Consulting (MC) will also be able to offer NFC wallet cards for selected applications in specific regions — as one of the few providers worldwide. This means it is faster and easier to get passes for digital model brochures, save dealership wallet passes, check admission tickets, register coupons, confirm memberships, check statuses and manage bonus cards.

In addition to validating passes through the Companion App, this is possible with NFC wallet passes for example through credit card readers — regardless of whether iOS or Android is being used.

In this way, we are making Wallet an even more attractive online-to-offline tool that can be very intuitively used through the MC Wallet front end as a marketing tool for personalized customer dialog.

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