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  • Together against blood cancer

  • Together against blood cancer

April 2021

Open wide – Swab in – Be a donor

Did you know that every 27 seconds someone somewhere in the world is diagnosed with blood cancer? Helping can be easy: “Open wide – Swab in – Be a donor“.

For stem cell donation, a genetic match with identical tissue characteristics is sought — and it’s often a race against time. Not long ago, our colleague Christoph Pötter got the great news that he is a genetic match for a person he can help by donating.

After a few examinations, the stem cells were successfully taken at the University Hospital in Tübingen (Germany) late in March. Together with Christoph, we would like to encourage everyone to support the DKMS in their fight against blood cancer.

Thanks, Christoph, for your care and commitment!

We wish your stem cell recipient all the best and a speedy recovery!

Gemeinsam gegen Blutkrebs