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  • Target concept for WIN-Charta released!

  • Target concept for WIN-Charta released

January 2022

In autumn 2021, we officially signed on to WIN-Charta, an initiative of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Now we’re presenting our target concept!

With it, we will gradually meet our commitment to adhere to the 12 guiding principles of WIN-Charta and further increase sustainability in our company. The target concept forms the basis of our sustainability management system. It offers an important focus for areas of activity and action toward the sustainable transformation of our company. With this target concept, we set concrete sustainability goals and define, among other things, how we can use our competence to support social and community initiatives to actively make our contribution in this realm.

Together with other WIN-Charta partners, we want to travel the path to a sustainable, climate-neutral economy in Baden-Württemberg. WIN-Charta is especially focused on small and middle-sized companies that are oriented toward step-by-step improved sustainability and that want their progress measured in a sustainability report.

What we’re especially proud of: Part of creating the target concept was performing a comprehensive analysis of our stakeholders, of material aspects and of existing activities. The result: A large number of sustainability measures are already firmly anchored at our sites OR we already live them at both sites!

What are we ready to do now?

To gradually and strategically develop current measures further and at the same time to measure their progress. Moreover, in our anniversary year of 2022, we want to continue our success story of the past 25 years – economically, socially and culturally. For our customers, our shareholders and our employees.

We’re ready!

Another focal point is energetic support for our customers in their sustainability efforts and their path toward sustainable corporate management. With our professional expertise and experience in building and guiding sustainability management structures, in both small and large companies, we are ready to shape the sustainability transformation with them.

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