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  • Sustainability@Retail with Green Sales

  • Sustainability@Retail with Green Sales

July 2020

As part of various sustainability initiatives, we’re introducing Green Sales in Retail in order to make sustainability a selling point.

Two specific priority issues where Green Sales can contribute have been defined. The aims are firstly to reduce the ecological footprint on the dealer side and secondly to facilitate CO2 compensation for end customers.

Our wide network, vast experience in the areas of Consulting and Training, and expertise in the field of sustainability makes us a perfect partner.

The focus of Green Sales is the question of what a sustainable dealership might look like. To this end, we have developed a concept which integrates the theme of sustainability into the sales process effectively across all three sales stages. A clear strategic alignment with regard to the definition of standards and guidelines in the respective markets through to sustainability certification for dealers makes sustainability in Retail more tangible and more credible for customers.

Our sustainability vision was initiated at the end of 2019. Alongside Green Sales it encompasses other initiatives which are being developed further, taking into account the three pillars of sustainability (ecology, economy and social affairs). The focus is always firmly on the sustainable development objectives we defined in advance and on our implementation of them within our company.