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  • Sustainability for the future

  • Sustainability for the future

October 2021

Long before we signed on to WIN-Charta Baden-Württemberg in autumn 2021, the issue of sustainability was firmly established at our company. With the increasing challenges and changes of the present day, it is more important than ever to take ecological, economic and social responsibility.

Thus, we orient our activities toward both WIN-Charta and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. “We want to continue our efforts and bring our business behavior into harmony with social, economic and ecological responsibility. Both inside the company and outside with the services to our customers,” explains Walter Konzmann, CEO Mercedes-Benz Consulting. “For this reason, we have also adopted a declaration of principles on the issue of sustainability,” Konzmann adds.

“In our consulting portfolio, we offer numerous products and services dealing with sustainability, from analysis of companies’ sustainability status to building of complete sustainability management systems to e-learning. And in the automotive sector from Green Sales to Green Retail to diversity training.”

A lot is happening within our company, too. Since early 2020, we have had a Sustainability Circle made up of colleagues from every business unit. Together, this committee drives our internal sustainability efforts, organizes activities for society and the environment, and conducts polls among the employees on the topic of sustainability. As early as onboarding, employees are given comprehensive information on sustainability at Mercedes-Benz Consulting.

At the end of the year 2021, our target concept for WIN-Charta Baden-Württemberg will be released. The first sustainability report will be issued in spring 2023. WIN-Charta represents a voluntary commitment to sustainability. Through their individual commitment, the companies aim at specific verifiable goals aligned with the 12 guiding principles.

One characteristic of WIN-Charta is that the target concept and sustainability reporting are inspected by the public. This eliminates a costly, time-consuming inspection procedure. Instead, the reports are published online and made available to the stakeholder groups.

We define the three dimensions of sustainability as follows:


Our company strives for sustainable and positive economic development that allows us to invest in our future and assist our employees, while creating more jobs and supporting our customers in their sustainable success.  We stand by our responsibility and see sustainability as an opportunity and a driver for the efficient business success of our customers and our own company.


We explicitly require that our company’s products and services contribute to conservation of natural resources. We therefore integrate the issue of sustainability into our business processes and innovatively expand our product and service portfolio through our offerings in sustainability consulting and more.


At the same time, we commit our employees’ strengths and skills to societal issues in the regions where we are active, and beyond that to society and the environment.

Publication of the declaration of principles condensed version: