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  • SPOTLIGHT – Digital learning, learning in changing times.

  • SPOTLIGHT – Digital learning, learning in changing times.

December 2020

In our section SPOTLIGHT we will report on current topics together with our experts from various business units on a regular basis.

We interviewed our colleagues Suat and Marco from the digital learning unit and wanted to know what important insights there are about digital learning and how learning has changed.

How do people learn with digital media, are there any differences?

“The cognitive process of learning, that is, what happens in our brain and how the information is processed, is fundamentally no different. However, there are definitely differences, because in the digital context, learning is usually self-directed without a learning supervisor or trainer. In addition, digital learning is characterized by multimedia content, i.e. several senses and cognitive processing channels are addressed simultaneously. It is important to ensure that there is no over-demand or flood of information on the individual processing channels.”

What are the challenges for the learner and how do you overcome them?

“Learning takes place on a self-directed basis. This means learners have to take on many functions in which a trainer/teacher would normally support them. Learners need to question themselves whether they have understood everything. They need to align their learning progress with the learning goals, motivate themselves and ask themselves whether they need to learn some additional content. Therefore, it is a very complex task. Through a good instructive-theoretical design and with the help of a user experience approach, we ensure that the learner can intuitively use an eLearning and consume it in a comprehensible and goal-oriented manner.”

How do you see the learning of the future, what changes will time bring from your point of view?

“Learning on Demand will continue. In the future (and already possible today), Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make our learning even more efficient and sustainable as I have a digital companion who supports me while learning and offers me the content relevant to me. ”

Thanks to Suat and Marco for an insight into their daily work in the field of digital learning!