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December 2022

In 2022, we joined together again set an example of social involvement in a wide range of areas.
Shortly before Christmas, we filled packages for a good cause. This time, we called on our colleagues to fill as many packages as possible for those who have no permanent home. The packages contained nonperishable food items, hygiene articles, warm gloves, a scarf, socks, blankets and more.

Promptly on December 21, they were delivered to the Caleidoskop volunteer center of the charitable association Caritasverband für Stuttgart e.V. Moreover, our management contributed €5,000 to the center.
And in our anniversary year of 2022, there were still other very special donation initiatives: the MC Heart Projects. For those, we asked our coworkers at the company, “What social project, association or organization are you personally involved with, or which one is close to your heart?” They reported a colorful variety of fantastic “heart projects”! In all, 25 received donations of €1,000, such as the youth center Haus auf dem Wehrborn e.V., the Managers Without Borders foundation, and the animal protection association in Böblingen.

But there was no shortage of smaller initiatives this year, either. For example, our colleagues laced up their sneakers for a benefit run, or they pulled on their galoshes to garden with the kids at the Lindenschule SBBZ Lernen to make the school’s own garden usable again.
We thank everyone who put so much heart into making a tangible difference and actively take on responsibility in so many areas.