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  • Social Intranet Night Volume 2

  • Social Intranet Night Volume 2

September 2019

It’s been two months since we joined Digital Life@Daimler and about 90 community managers and users to throw the first Social Intranet Night in Stuttgart. It was a complete success, and Installment 2 at our MindSpace site in Berlin has awakened still more curiosity.

The coworking space was the perfect backdrop for what we had in mind: Sharing knowledge and experience, networking and learning from the community. As MC, we want to expand our competence in community consulting, social media strategy and management to drive a digital mindset in large and middle-sized companies.

What did we focus on at #SINight No. 2?
As on the first Intranet night, this time we prepared three focus topics for our guests:

  • Social Intranet Numbers: A peek behind the curtain into statistics: Who would have thought that Tuesday morning is the best time to post?
  • Social Intranet Faces: In a series of interviews, two community managers provided insight into their tricks and strategies.
  • 5 Social Intranet Hacks, Vol. III: Never change a winning team – in this case, Tilo Hensel and his intranet hacks for better productivity. Set up an individual feed? No problem!

“Thank you for the fantastic event, the great conversations, and the 17-meter pizza!” says Timo, Mercedes-Benz Consulting, who moderated the sequel with Lukas, Manager Digital Life@Daimler.

By the way, all info, the agenda and contact were accessible through a smartphone wallet pass that also contained a feedback link: 100% would go again. We’re already looking forward to the next #SINight!