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  • PEPPER & Co –Smart robots in the dealership Vol. II

    mart robots in the dealership
  • PEPPER & Co –Smart robots in the dealership Vol. II

    mart robots in the dealership

August 2019

Does a robot as a personal showroom assistant sound futuristic? We don’t think so.

This past semester, 17 students from the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart dealt with exactly this issue – how smart technology can be sensibly used in the dealership. They developed, programmed, and tested realistic use cases.

Two technologies were available:

  • the Pepper Bot (Aldebaran SoftBank Robotics): a humanoid robot that analyzes people’s gestures and facial expressions and reacts accordingly.
  • and the “Loomo,” from US manufacturer Segway Robotics: an assistant with an integrated people mover. This modern means of transport not only moves people from A to B, but can also work as a personal assistant.

At the end of July, the four project teams presented their completed use cases for Pepper or Loomo at the MC Center. “There are exciting approaches here. We are pleased to examine the use cases in detail and their potential for our work at MC,” says Frank, Manager Smart Technology at Mercedes-Benz Consulting.

Robots in the dealership – the use cases

One way to use Loomo and Pepper in the dealership is as a consultant, of course. It greets customers, presents cars, takes contact data, and at the end hands things over to a human employee, where appropriate.

The Segway robot Loomo’s specialty is transport – of both people and goods. The concept “Loomo2Go” uses exactly this strength in a combination of a taxi and car2go: For example, a dealership employee can use an app to order a Loomo (if there is none at the Loomo point) to have himself or some goods brought to another defined point.

On the other hand, Pepper’s strength is mainly in humanoid communication. One use case for these skills may be vehicle handover: Pepper greets the customers, guides them to the lounge, and introduces the features of their new car.