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  • Salesforce - The key to success?

  • Salesforce - The key to success?

December 2021

In the constant competition for the customers’ attention in the era of e-privacy, one the greatest challenges is for companies to provide personalization without cookies, so that customers can be attracted and engaged.

At Mercedes-Benz Consulting, we’re confronting this very challenge with the help of various Salesforce solutions. Based on first-party data, we get a comprehensive image of each customer. First-party data are those that can be drawn directly from the target group or customer database. Through personalization, anonymous user IDs then become customer IDs that deliver useful data to display customer-centered, networked advertising in real time.

Part of this solution is the recently implemented Salesforce Interaction Studio, a relatively new Salesforce tool that makes an important contribution to real-time personalization. Interaction Studio defines a user’s identity and then uses KI-supported logic to personalize the website in real time. Based on their past behavior, customers are shown individualized content and campaigns within milliseconds, making for a much better customer experience.

The algorithm reacts to both individual and general preferences and adapts the selection according to the available data. At the same time, this approach also offers the greatest benefit to companies, because Interaction Studio allows a holistic, comparative view of customer data based on cross-channel interactions, making it an important instrument for optimizing customer relationships.

Another essential step toward improving processing of customer data and personalization is integration of various Salesforce cloud solutions – from sales, service and marketing clouds, to the Audience Studio (DMP) all the way to Customer 360. This customer data platform (CDP) is a self-explanatory, user-friendly system that helps companies process all customer data, create integrated customer profiles, and then make these profiles available to all engagement platforms. Customer 360 is to serve as the basis of all Salesforce applications and unifies all insights from the individual Salesforce applications at the wholesale and retail level. This means that every individual customer interaction can be personalized.

If you’d like to know more about Salesforce products in general, or Interaction Studio and Customer 360 and their functionality specifically, feel free to contact us.