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  • Preventing corporate silos – with pizza and SEA

  • Preventing corporate silos – with pizza and SEA

October 2019

Anyone who’s worked in a large company knows the “silo problem”: The more departments and levels there are, the harder it is to create transparency for everyone regarding current projects and processes. Often, the same issues are being worked on at several locations, and the risks and opportunities are often the same.

When it comes to the topic of Search Engine Advertising (SEA), which the Performance Marketing team at Mercedes-Benz Consulting deals with daily, we want to break up or prevent these silos. The goal: Create the most relaxed atmosphere possible to allow exchange of ideas and form important contacts with experts (Google’s, ours, or the media agency AMQ’s) and with specialist managers at Daimler passenger cars, vans, etc.

The SEA circle

What began in March as a pizza and SEA evening in a small group here at the MC Center has now become an established monthly Daimler headquarters meetup with an expanded circle of participants: With the Europe and overseas regions as well as representatives from the smart, Trucks, Passenger Cars, and Vans divisions and a representative from retail all major areas are represented.

Every month a different department invites people to their premises to discuss current topics in casual group and to strengthen networks.

As MC, we are a fixture of the alignment meetings, providing input on trends and developments in the industry and in the Daimler universe, as well as a competent sparring partner for discussing measures and concepts and their implementation.