Social Media

October 2018

MindSpace offers coworking locations all over the world, including Munich, Hamburg, Warsaw, Tel Aviv and London. Mercedes-Benz Consulting has one at the Berlin location in the lively Friedrichstraße neighborhood, where MindSpace has just held its first OpenSpace event.

Naturally, we were there. Open houses are an old tradition. A welcome sticker on the door indicated the companies participating in the OpenSpace. So, whoever felt like it could look around at the others, get to know the people behind the glass, or make contacts over a snack in the common areas.

The idea behind it all: to network the many talented, innovative people who come together in a MindSpace communal office facility. Conversation is when the best ideas develop!

Among others, we visited the developers of myTaxi and the Appear2Media startup (Europe’s leading augmented reality provider). Altogether, about 50 companies made up the first OpenSpace in Friedrichstraße. “We are excited for the next event and look forward to the new contacts and interesting projects we’ll encounter,” says Marija Kopic, Digital Marketing Consultant.

In cosmopolitan Berlin, MindSpace is the ideal location to exchange ideas and get to know talented personalities, company founders and new business ideas. The stylish decor and multimedia facilities create a great atmosphere for creative processes. See you in Berlin!