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  • Online-Karrieretag Stuttgart 2019 - Interview with our colleague Olesja from HR

  • Online-Karrieretag Stuttgart 2019 - Interview with our colleague Olesja from HR

April 2019

Our colleague Olesja is interviewed by the organizers of Online Career Day Stuttgart 2019.

1. Why are you represented at Online Career Day 2019?

At Mercedes-Benz Consulting, we’re always looking for innovative minds for exciting career paths. We look for employees who are curious and can join us in developing and implementing new solutions for our customers. We bring a diversity of job offers with us and look forward to great discussions.

2. What makes the digital field so interesting to you?

Everybody’s talking about the digital transformation. But what does it mean for the company and the individual? Our lives, our society and our work are changing. How many of my decisions does my smartphone make, and how many do I make? Will I pay with data in the future? That calls for new ways of thinking and doing. Without losing sight of people and their needs. The topic of digitalization inspires us. We love a challenge, and we live this in our projects every day.

3. What fields do you need employees for?

The entry-level opportunities are as multifaceted as the tasks that await. Currently we’re mainly seeking talent in Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Digital Business. You can find more job openings on our career page. ( It’s worth a look!

4. What makes you a good employer?

We are an innovative company, future-oriented and always think a step ahead. We give our employees the space they need to start moving. We trust their abilities, promote their independence, and offer the support they need to achieve optimal results on the team. We live in a colorful, diverse, dynamic corporate culture that’s a lot of fun.

5. What would your ideal applicant be like?

The ideal applicant must simply win us over. Whether it’s through personality, technical expertise, or exciting career insights. He or she must be curious and bring along inspiration and team spirit – what matters to us is an overflow of passion, and drive that’s pedal to the metal.

6. What else would you like to tell the participants about yourself?

If the topics we’ve described inspire you and arouse your interest, just visit us at our booth (No. 13). We can’t wait to see you!

Interview Olesja Mescherjakow Online-Karrieretag Stuttgart