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  • New Center of Competence at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

  • New Center of Competence at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

April 2019

Generating value through analytics and artificial intelligence

Chatbots, customer journey tracking, artificial intelligence – amazing things are possible with the masses of data we produce daily in the digital world. However, the implementation requires technical knowledge and relevant experience.

We want to efficiently guide and support all divisions through this data jungle and have therefore established our Center of Competence for Analytics & Artificial Intelligence.

Who are we?

The CoC Analytics & AI is no traditional department, but a line of services and a tech factory that bundle analytics and AI throughout all business units at our two sites in Stuttgart and Berlin. The CoC is built on two pillars:

  • Hybrid consultants are the interface for technical issues between the customer, CoC and the project teams in all our business units.
  • AI & analytics specialists are the go-to people for the service line and are multipliers for data-driven business and consulting – in both the divisions and the tech factory.
  • The tech factory is the operational implementation partner and consists of data scientists, data engineers and IT solutions architects. Our consultants have expertise and experience from a wide range of sectors (including even Zalando and Google).

What is our mission?

Big data has no value in itself. Only when the data are put to meaningful, automated use in a specific case do value creation and benefits arise, both for the company and its customers.
And that is precisely our goal: to develop growth and profitable new business models for and with our customers, through more efficient use and better understanding of the available data.

“We are pleased with the great approval CoC has received both internally and externally,” says Markus, Mercedes-Benz Consulting. “We’re already working on fantastic projects, and even more exciting things are yet to come.”

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