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  • Ready for 2022 – MC launches the new year!

  • Ready for 2022 – MC launches the new year!

January 2022

On January 13, it finally took place – our official “Welcome to the Year 2022” event. Unfortunately, this year once again we couldn’t come together personally, but fortunately in the digital world (almost) anything is possible!

So, for the first time, we broadcast the event live from our MC studio in the Mercedes-Benz Consulting Center! From the direction to the overall technology to the moderation, the talk show and the livestream – everything was absolutely great!

After an exciting look back at 2021 came the program’s first highlight: meeting our new CEO Stefan Herbert, who will officially take over the helm from Walter Konzmann on April 1, 2022. Walter has successfully run Mercedes-Benz Consulting for 15 years and made it what it is today – an innovative, dynamic and unbelievably multifaceted company.

Another topic in the program was “Transformation of the organization – a continuous process!?” An interesting keynote speech by Stefan Kühl, professor of organizational sociology, was followed by a varied talk format with a view of our own organizational structure.

With a look at the 2022 strategy and portfolio, the official portion of the event came to an end and the evening’s digital fun started.

With five different sessions – from the online escape room to virtual cooking to an online chocolate and gin workshop to online bingo – there was something for everybody. Before the event, all participants received a corresponding package of goodies through the mail. This let us all wind down the day together with a lot of fun.

Let’s pave the way to 2022!