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  • MC goes Berlin: our new site in Germany’s capital

  • MC goes Berlin: our new site in Germany’s capital

January 2019

Since 2017, our coworking mission in Berlin has been underway to take advantage of the creative atmosphere, get to know talented office mates, and develop our own innovations.

It has worked so well that we have decided to settle in Berlin long-term. “In the heart of Berlin” is the motto. Our new home in MindSpace on the lively Friedrichstraße is just 15 minutes by car from Mercedes-Benz Sales and about 20 minutes from Tegel airport. With our own large space – the Enterprise Suite on the eighth floor – we have established permanent workplaces high above Friedrichstraße for our Berlin colleagues and flexible stations for all MC employees.

As before, the goal is to scout trends, innovation and talent. Above all, we want to spur on our analytics and AI tech factory in Berlin and expand the artificial intelligence hub with existing and new colleagues.

“As an international hot spot, next to Stuttgart, Berlin is the ideal site for us as MC to drive innovative business ideas and get to know talented people,” says Andreas Schwarz, Head of Digital Performance at Mercedes-Benz Consulting. “We’re happy that our coworking mission at MindSpace can now move forward as a permanent site in 2019.”

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