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  • Do you know Mainframe? Mainframe communication strategy

  • Do you know Mainframe? Mainframe communication strategy

September 2019

In almost all realms of natural science and the humanities, one encounters the need to generate, collect and evaluate data. Accordingly, the media constantly come out with new reports on the ultimate supercomputer or quantum processor.

At the same time, ever more often, they bring up the term mainframe computer, or mainframe for short. In contrast with a supercomputer, which is mainly used for complex simulations, a mainframe is optimized for reliable processing of large masses of data and is primarily used for mass transaction systems and managing business-critical data.

According to Fortune magazine, 71% of the 500 largest companies currently use a mainframe, and 87% of all credit card transactions are processed by a mainframe. Every day, a mainframe can perform over 30 billion business transactions – in the background, often unnoticed by the user or customer.

A mainframe that operates countless server applications daily and ensures smooth everyday operation is also at the heart of Daimler AG’s IT. More than 100,000 employees use it daily. Without it, there would be no mobile customer, no adequate service could be performed, no vehicle delivered, and no work time recorded.

Mercedes-Benz Consulting has been given the job of developing and implementing an effective communication strategy for the mainframe, with the goal of making its accomplishments and capabilities known within the company.

Our strategy should be effective, creative, and deliver tangible results.

Through detailed research and personal interviews with the major stakeholders, we were able to quickly take a comprehensive inventory and gained detailed insights. In the next step, we used these to join customers in developing a “mainframe DNA”, including a communication statement.

In interdisciplinary workshops, we sharpened communication rules, strategy and expectations, and developed both a mainframe communication concept as well as a corporate design, including a logo, a new color scheme and an image film. We also restructured the social intranet group.

Finally, we gathered all components of our strategy into a communications handbook, which will be used in the future to drive the image and spread the identity.

Thus the mainframe’s web page now radiates with a modern and memorable design, which will contribute to significantly raising awareness of the mainframe within the company and communicate a unified brand message