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  • LOOMO, PEPPER & Co – Smart Robots im Autohaus

  • LOOMO, PEPPER & Co – Smart Robots im Autohaus

April 2019

A robot as personal assistant in the showroom? Why not? With the third project in our collaboration with Hochschule der Medien (HdM) Stuttgart, we go deeper into the topic of smart technology in retail.

Naturally, we’re looking at this question:

How can such technology be sensibly used at the dealership? Where would it add value for customers and employees?

The developed use cases should ultimately be realistic. For this, the project teams need programming experience and a grasp of technology, but also a spirit of innovation and a pragmatic approach to solutions.

Two technologies are available:

  • Pepper Bot (Aldebaran SoftBank Robotics): a humanoid robot that analyzes people’s gestures and facial expressions and reacts accordingly.
  • and “Loomo” from US manufacturer Segway Robotics: an assistant with an integrated people mover. This modern means of transport not only moves people from A to B, but can also work as a personal assistant.

The students have already reached the first milestone: on April 9, they presented us with a choice of feasible use cases for Pepper or Loomo. Now we’re selecting the best use case per group, which the project participants will then expand on, program and test.

“We look forward to the results, which will be presented at the MC Center in early July. This offers a lot of promising ideas,” says Frank, Manager Smart Technology at Mercedes-Benz Consulting.