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  • Learning to think anew

  • Learning to think anew

November 2021

The “Smart Learning” team forms the Center for Excellence in Digital Learning at Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH. It consists of 15 experts in the fields of e-learning and blended learning. In focus are innovative learning experiences, for which a wide range of technologies, methods and formats are used.

In addition to e-learning design and production, they use efficiency analyses to identify the digitization potential of customers’ qualification programs, so that learning and work can be blended together. Moreover, the team gives strategic advice on digital transformation of training organizations and for ground-up establishment of future learning academies.

“We always think anew,” is the team’s motto, as they focus completely on modern, informal learning. In the future, digital learning should be AI-supported, smart and at the moment of need.

Do you want modern learning experiences for your target groups? Do you need help with e-learning? Then feel free to contact us! We’ll accompany you from strategy to design to successful completion, even of complex projects.

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