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  • Remote Rollout – The path to tomorrow’s digital rollouts

  • Remote Rollout – The path to tomorrow’s digital rollouts

July 2022

At Mercedes-Benz Consulting, we’ve asked ourselves: Can a rollout be done digitally from start to finish? Will this make it a game changer in today’s situation?

The experts don’t agree at this point. It has to be checked whether the question can be clearly answered “yes” based on the technical, cultural and organizational possibilities. It needs to be weighed in advance to what degree and at what points support from digital elements adds value to a project.

For this specific purpose, we have developed a methodology for determining the degree of digitization. This helps find a transparent basis for decision-making at a neutral level.

All project phases are thoroughly investigated and aligned with individual customer needs using the digitization factor identified. This ensures efficient project planning and sustainable quality assurance for the project’s objective.

In our whitepaper, we sketch out the current challenges and processes for rollout projects that lend themselves to deriving the degree-of-digitization method. On this basis, opportunities and areas of activity can be identified for a remote rollout.

A quick note: The white paper is in German.