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  • Fuso Wholesale Consulting in El Salvador

  • Fuso Wholesale Consulting in El Salvador

June 2019

Pilot project in El Salvador

On a five-month consulting assignment in El Salvador, MC joined Excel Automotriz, the general importer of the Fuso brand in Central America, to analyze developments in the parts business and improve processes. There we worked together to develop a multi-level, customer-oriented consulting approach spanning from the wholesale importer to the retailer – known as “wholesale consulting”.

Based on a status-quo analysis, workshops, interviews, coaching and intensive collaboration with various project teams from Excel Automotriz, we developed custom actions and derived recommendations. This allowed us to quickly provide active support with processes, logistics, parts, storage and communication.

Especially impressive to us was the project’s continuous progress, not only through the growing synergy within the team, but also through the ceaseless motivation of the employees.

Final presentation in Panama City

The day came in June 2019: The results, experiences and developments from wholesale consulting could be presented to Fuso representatives from Brazil, Japan and Germany, as well as to the management team from Excel Automotriz and its employees from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama.

To ensure sustainable success and the further development of long-term actions, examples of best practices were exchanged throughout the company, and the next steps were determined together.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Excel Automotriz Group and the Fuso organization for their terrific cooperation and for the enthusiasm that all participants brought to this project!