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  • Focus: Corporate Mobility Management

  • Focus: Corporate Mobility Management

September 2019

What does Corporate Mobility Management (COM) mean?

Stress on the infrastructure keeps increasing, noise and exhaust emissions are making existing environmental issues ever more severe. However, company accessibility is one of the most important success factors for employees, customers and business partners.

Therefore the issue of Corporate Mobility Management is increasingly coming into focus in politics, business and society. This involves intelligent linking of transportation into a sustainably designed system for the future.

What is the process of Corporate Mobility Management?

CMM means finding individual solutions that work for both the specific company and the needs of individual employees. For this purpose, CMM relates all available offerings and transportation carriers with their specific strengths and on this basis creates a comprehensive analysis of the current situation: How are the public transport connections? How good is bicycle access? How do employees travel to customers and appointments? What is the company’s vehicle fleet like?

Based on this analysis of the current situation and the potentials determined from it, the next step is to develop an action concept to be implemented in close coordination with the company. Employees should be included in the process from the beginning and the individual steps clearly communicated within the company.

After the action is implemented, it is checked whether the action has achieved the desired objectives. If there are still deficiencies, or if the action does not have the expected effect, the participants adjust it together.

Why Corporate Mobility Management?

By changing to lower-emission means of transport and through optimization of mobility, CMM can contribute to improving the company’s ecological footprint.

Reducing individual motor vehicle traffic lowers site costs for companies, meaning less need for parking spaces, shrinking the vehicle fleet in favor of more cost-effective alternatives, etc.

  • CMM improves accessibility to the company site and reduces supplier traffic delays.
  • CMM contributes to reducing stress and to health maintenance.
  • Long term, CMM reduces economic and ecological cost.

Corporate Mobility Management at MC

Naturally, at MC, we are intensely involved with Corporate Mobility Management and regularly put the existing options to our MC sites at Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Berlin under the microscope.

In August 2019, we performed a detailed status-quo analysis. For one thing, this included an employee survey on personal mobility behavior: What is their daily ride to the office and to customer appointments like? How much does an MC employee travel on average, and what routes are taken? What kind of options do employees want?

The survey results are currently being analyzed to validate and extend the next step in our existing set of actions.