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  • Blockchain – something about data chains

  • Blockchain – something about data chains

August 2019

Our mission at Mercedes-Benz Consulting is always to find the best solution for all applications. And to stay up-to-date with innovative topics and new technologies. This also applies to a very widespread topic today – the blockchain.

We want to make the complex technology and its application comprehensible:
The blockchain is a chain of digital data blocks. The chain continues growing block by block. Each block combines transactions – orders, remittances, or information. Some compare the blockchain to a bookkeeping system.

What’s so special about it?
Traditional databases have a central storage location – the server owner therefore has sovereignty over the data. The data chains of a blockchain are stored to many networked computers and are controlled, validated, and administered decentrally. Every computer has the same data chain with the same complex information. So anyone trying to change a data block would fail. All chains monitor each other, so a tampered chain is directly excluded and marked.

And what’s MC’s role?

We offer end-to-end solutions and consider ourselves a strategic implementation partner. Within MC, we have formed a Blockchain Circle, in which experts and aficionados from a wide range of departments in Stuttgart and Berlin regularly exchange ideas.

We are successively broadening our network and strengthening our relationships with committees both inside Daimler AG (such as the Blockchain Factory) and outside of it. For example, scouting out exciting startups and exchanging ideas within the industry are also a fixed component of our work.

By building this network and expertise, we can already offer a broad portfolio:

  • Blockchain Awareness Training
  • Blockchain Use Case Validation
  • Ideation Workshops
  • Developing a proof of concept
  • Data Protection Compliance Analysis

What is our goal?

We believe in the benefits that technology can bring. Our goal is to establish a meaningful, relevant use case that is thought through from the product to the technology – and not the other way around.

We help companies create a transparent, secure, efficient and trustworthy process, and clarify: what is the blockchain, and, most of all, what isn’t it? Here we analyze the relevant use case together before we make a valid recommendation as to whether a blockchain makes sense in this case or another solution offers a better way.