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  • The first Process Mining Exchange Week at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

  • The first Process Mining Exchange Week at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

Juli 2020

How can dynamic processes be successfully analysed and inefficiencies avoided? Process mining provides the solution!

In order to introduce in more detail this technology for systematically analysing and evaluating business processes, the first Process Mining Exchange Week @ Mercedes-Benz Consulting held jointly with our partner Celonis took place via webinar from 06 July to 10 July 2020. In contrast to conventional statistical and analytical tools, process mining offers the advantage that even dynamic processes can be mapped, and issues can be considered across multiple dimensions.

The first Process Mining Exchange Week was kicked off by Hala Zeine, CPO at Celonis, and Walter Konzmann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH. Participants subsequently had the opportunity to gather and exchange information about the process optimisation techniques which are most common and relevant to them in various specialist webinars.

The focus here was on the use of process mining in the areas of “Production”, “Marketing-Sales”, “IT Transformation” and “Getting through the Crisis with Process Mining: Cash Preservation and Control over the Supply Chain”. The week concluded with a plenary Q&A session, which gave everyone the chance to network and share experiences.

We are convinced that this technology has great potential and, as a certified Celonis partner, would like to strengthen the presence of process mining.

“The specialist webinars offered something for everyone. We tried to cover all the key subject areas so that participants could obtain comprehensive information and select the topics that give them the greatest added value.” (Wiebke, Consultant Analytics & AI, Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH).