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  • First Gaming Night @ MC

  • First Gaming Night @ MC

July 2022

What actually happens when we get unusual ideas from employees? Very simple: We implement them!

On July 14, 2022, we held the first Gaming Night at Mercedes-Benz Consulting. About 30 inspired colleagues enjoyed an evening together full of team spirit, fun and the latest trends and games in #eSports. This wasn’t just about apm, IGL, leveling, NPCs, RTS, newbies and pGs, but also learning more about #eSports in an edutainment format.

Where did the Gaming Night idea come from?

“Even here at Mercedes-Benz Consulting, we’ve had the trend of eSports and gaming on our minds for a long time, so it was natural to use it for an internal employee event and together try out one thing or another,” explains Lukas Rößler from the Digital Business Development team. “It’s really great how much interest the topic is stirring up. Not only internally, but also externally among our customers.”

Gaming and eSports are definitely topics we’ll be dealing with more intensively in the future to build further competence in this exciting, multifaceted field.


And because the event went so well internally, Gaming Night @ MC Vol. 2 is already being planned. We’re excited!