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  • eLearning Award 2023: We are excellent!

  • eLearning Award 2023: We are excellent!

January 2023

A reason for us to celebrate: eLearning Journal has honored us with the 2023 eLearning Award in the “Content Production” category!

How can a story in an eLearning program be believable and compelling? And how do the most innovative learning experiences come about in digital form?

Our colleagues from the Smart Learning team dealt with these and many other questions to create an exciting, unique, fascinating journey for learners.

“Our approach includes the Creative Think Tank (CTT), which is part of the process of creating innovative learning at our company.

The CTT includes many of the latest creative methods that go into the final product,” says Suat Korkut, Head of Smart Learning.

Many thanks go to the colleagues on our Smart Learning team and to everyone else who helped make this award possible.

Further information on our winning project and CTT can be found here on the website of the eLearning Journal (German language).

Mercedes-Benz Consulting Smart Learning Team