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  • E-learning makes sustainability stick

  • E-learning makes sustainability stick

October 2021

How can I make sustainability stick in my area of responsibility? What facts about sustainability can help my employees and me in our daily work? How do I measure our progress in sustainable practices?

This are questions e-learning can answer very individually and time-efficiently.

Together with one of our customers, in just a few weeks we developed an e-learning program that conveys knowledge, that increases motivation to learn, that can be interrupted for other tasks and returned to at any time, that’s fun, and that motivates the participants to go right to the next module.

The success factors?

  • Close collaboration with the customer on content from the very beginning
  • 360° information and data collection (outside-in and inside-out perspective)
  • A user-centered approach (UX)
  • Instructional design services from MC, tailored to individual customer needs
  • Option for parallel implementation of target-group-specific learning paths
  • The latest animation technology, modern graphics and engaging interactions
  • State-of-the-art e-learning software
  • State-of-the-Art-eLearning-Software

Success is evident:

Gerade in Umfeldern, in denen Zeitdruck herrscht, hilft E-Learning Grundlagen-Wissen zeiteffizient zu vermitteln. Evaluationen zeigen: Das Wissen wird nachhaltiger verankert und dadurch neue Wege zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit beschritten.

We at Mercedes-Benz Consulting are digital natives and experts in sustainability management, communication, digital learning and innovative learning technologies.

We support our customers with innovative learning experiences that we use for a wide range of technologies, methods and formats. Our portfolio in this area comprises more than just e-learning design and production. Through efficiency analyses, we identify the digitization potential of our customers’ qualification program and blend learning with work. At the same time, we also provide strategic advising on the digital transformation of training organizations or on building future learning academies from scratch.

Moreover, we offer a broad consulting portfolio of sustainability products and solutions, as well as technical expertise in building sustainability structures and empowerment strategies.

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