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  • We’re the e-learning award winner for 2022!

  • We’re the e-learning award winner for 2022!

February 2022

We’re very pleased to announce that our submitted e-learning project “From 2 to 14 in just 24 months” has been awarded first place by eLearning Journal in the “Automotive” category.

Warmest thanks and congratulations to our Smart Learning Team!

For years, Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH has been betting more and more on e-learning – almost as if they’d seen the current trends and changes in the working world way ahead of time. This has become a success story that everyone can participate in: In 2019, a “Digital Learning” team was put together under the leadership of Suat Korkut. Within 24 months, it developed from a service line to a center for excellence and grew from two people to a well-coordinated team of 14. This success story can now be summed up in an eight-chapter e-learning program titled “From 2 to 14 in just 24 months”.

Innovative and digital with a vision for the future

The “Digital Learning” team is a service line that supports and advises on projects in all areas of Mercedes-Benz Consulting, when needed. But they are also available to outside companies.  Target groups in the “Learning” area may include cross-industry personnel departments or learners in a wide array of businesses, for example.

Curious about the whole success story? You can read all the details of our submitted project here.

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