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  • Connected by digital discussion formats

  • Connected by digital discussion formats

June 2021

More than 400 days of remote work, a desk within your own four walls, virtual discussion instead of face to face. At the beginning of 2020, who would have thought this scenario would become everyday work reality?

Thanks to our technical infrastructure, overnight we could start doing all our work remotely and not at the MC Center or at the customer’s site. However, a large part of our work relies on personal discussion and social interaction, which brought up other questions: How can we continue working as a team despite the distance? Stay connected even without the back-and-forth by the coffeemaker or in the hallway? Maintain our solidarity, continue living the Spirit of MC, and be a company, even though we’re sitting in more than 300 different “offices”?

We discussed these questions intensely and under #StayTogether launched a wide array of digital discussion formats.

Lunching and listening TOGETHER:

We didn’t want to give this up, so our existing Learn & Lunch format was quickly transferred online. Instead of once a month, our colleagues now present their projects, topics, methods and tools once a week. An average of 40 participants listen and lunch in this format.

Ringing in quitting time TOGETHER:

Whoever wants to and has time can participate in the digital sundown sessions: From the Online PubQuiz, the Sport Workout, discussion of topics like “Grow Your Own Food” to visual thinking, they’ve got everything but the kitchen sink! It’s an unusual format organized and run by employees for employees. And it’s a great opportunity to take a personal peek behind the curtains.

Support others TOGETHER:

Our MC4you program shows that we can deploy from our mobile workplaces for a good cause. Challenges. We put our collective muscle behind it in February when we jogged a 1,500 km route or walked a 1,000 km route to donate €625 to the Stuttgart Hospice for Children and Youth.

In April, it was “Pack a Package” for the Evangelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart e.V. (EVA), that cares for people in need. At all EVA facilities, there is a great need for food, and thanks to our colleagues’ personal involvement, 45 packages of nonperishable groceries were collected and given to EVA Stuttgart e.V.

May was dedicated to the environment. “Plogging”, or picking up trash while jogging. Anyone can make the world a little cleaner — when jogging or just strolling. The plogging movement comes from Sweden. The term is a combination of the Swedish words “plocka” (to gather up) and “jogga” (to jog). For every employee who actively participated in the Environment Challenge, Mercedes-Benz Consulting planted a tree. We planted up to three for repeated participation and/or particularly large trash collections. This gave rise to our own little company forest of 100 trees. You can follow how the trees look and how they’re growing at any time online at treedom.

We are already excited to see what other MC4you challenges we’ll be active in during coming months to support people, animals, nature and the environment.

MC4you Challenge Plogging_Müll sammeln